My Experience at MK11: The Reveal

I was invited to the community reveal of Mortal Kombat 11 on January 17; I was excited to get a first look and hands on the game before it drops April 23 worldwide.

The invite came to me in the form of a direct message on Twitter from the official MK11 twitter. My jaw dropped upon realizing  I was invited. I signed up immediately and anticipated the coming day of the 17th.

The day finally arrived for the reveal of this brutal — yet flawless — gem of a fighting game and I headed to the location that was given to me through email. As I arrived, there were lines of people waiting to be placed on buses that had the Mortal Kombat 11 logo on them. As soon as all the buses were packed and drove off, we drove for about 10 minutes to a secret location with a tent that had the MK11 reveal logo around the area; we knew we were in for something good.

(The bus that drove us to the hidden location)

After waiting in line, I finally entered the event where I was introduced to music playing, dark yet flashy lights, MK merch, and booths set up with consoles. There was also a main stage with the logo and symbol raining over the stage as two screens flashed a 20 minute countdown until the reveal.

So with many others, I awaited for the time to decrease to seconds, then zero.

And that’s when we all were introduced to the iconic symbol and the recognizable characters that we’ve butchered or fought with in the previous games. Two fan favorites made everyone go nuts when they appeared on the screen. Baraka and Skarlet’s return to the franchise brought on sounds of hype around the stage. Other iconic characters such as Sonya Blade, Sub-zero, Raiden, and Scorpion were shown to us, as well a new character named Geras, who  happens to be one hell of a heavy hitter with a very devastating and punishable arsenal moveset. From the new “Fatal blow” system, to the improved customization and ability options, any gamer or fan of this franchise will be pleased with what’s in store this coming April.

I also got to get my hands on the game at the reveal; I tried 6 badass characters (with some unique and bone crunching moves and abilities) then got a little curious and messed with the customizations with Skarlet. In my opinion, this is the best Mortal Kombat game I’ve played in years. My only suggestions I have for the game is that it could be a bit faster and certain characters’ moves damage output could be tweaked. But other than that, this is a flawless game.

As the event was ending, that satisfaction in my eyes burned hotter than the flames of Scorpion, I was given a stylish duffle bag (which automatically became my favorite bag of all time) by the staff at the event. Once again, my jaw dropped when I saw the items included with the bag. One was a small sack which was tied to the duffle bag; it contained a token baring the Mortal Kombat symbol, along with the reveal event’s date. The other item, which was packaged in a large, round container, was a stunning Mortal Kombat 11 hourglass.

My overall thoughts of this event is exactly what I expected they would be– this experience was one of my best days of the year so far. Playing one of the best fighting games of all time is an epic way to kick off 2019. And you best believe I will be grabbing this game immediately when it drops on April 23rd.

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