Last Saturday, February 23rd, Diana and I took a trip down to Pasadena to check out the SoCal Retro Gaming Expo. This expo is not only a place where you can come buy or sell collections of retro games, accessories, consoles, etc., but also attend panels and play many retro games from arcade cabinets to retro consoles, like the SNES or NEO GEO.

After getting our badges, we were surprised to see so many people and how every booth looked incredible, as each of them had retro collections up on display. There were tournaments going on for Super Smash Bros. Melee and Mario Kart: Double Dash. Another room was filled with tons of retro arcade cabinets that we may have played back in the day. I was surprised to spot a lot of things from the vendors that I grew up loving as a child. It really felt nostalgic walking down each row and booth and playing some of my favorite retro arcade games that I’ve craved for a very long time.

The Gaming Expo brought together an amazing group of people, which also included some cool Youtubers that I watch. But all of us, attendees and vendors alike came together to share our passion for gaming and love for retro games.

It was our first time attending the SoCal Retro Gaming Expo, and since we loved it so much, don’t be surprised if you see Crazy10 come back again!

Photos by Diana Castillo & Chris Nelson
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