WonderCon 2019 – Sunday Recap

Our second day at WonderCon started by hitting up the registration hall downstairs. We’d already received our badges via mail, but we wanted to pick up one of the programs, which featured art by Lee Weeks that celebrated DC Comics’s 1000th issue as well as Batman’s 80th anniversary.

We headed up the escalators that led into Artists’ Alley. Once there, we returned to Crazy10’s favorite artist, Bordin Marsinkul. This weekend might have been a record for us and Bordin, with us commissioning seven pieces that featured eight characters.

After our first commission of the day, we continued out rounds of the hall. One of my favorite finds of the convention was a diamond edition Freddie Mercury Funko Pop, which I picked up from the FYE booth. (I ended up finding John and Roger as well.)

We also attended the How to be a Pro Gamer panel, which featured Keeoh and Krissi from Cloud9. The panel provided insight to the esports industry and what it takes to become a gamer full-time.

We then again ventured out into the courtyard to see more cosplayers.

On our way out we stopped by the Urban Decay x Game of Thrones booth to get an exclusive look at their new collection which will be available online on April 14, and in stores on May 2.

The collection includes a highlighter palette, a lip/cheek tint, two brushes, and eye shadow palette, plus four lipsticks and eyeliners representing each house in the running for the throne as well as the white walkers.

While our time there was relatively chill, WonderCon was still a really fun experience. If you’re looking for a con that’s not too crazy and has a myriad of really cool cosplays, I recommend you check it out.

WonderCon will return to the Anaheim Convention Center April 10-12, 2020.

Written by Nik Jermaine
Photos by Chris Nelson & Nik Jermaine
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