Triple Frontier: Setting The Stage For A Big Heist

With the release of Triple Frontier on Netflix, the bar for future action films on this streaming service may have been raised. It not only diversified the field by adding two of the best Central and South American actors to its cast, but the film also tackled some very strong issues such as the difficulties veterans face adjusting to civilian life after , the thankless and precarious task of serving, and the question of loyalty and values.

The film centers around a group of former special operatives (played by Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, and Ben Affleck) that reunite to plan a heist on a drug lord — only this time they’re not doing it for their country,they’re doing it for themselves.  As things begin to intensify, their values and loyalty are put to the test.

The film does an amazing job at setting the stage up for what would appear to be the most secretive and thorough heist of the century. Director J.C. Chandor also did an amazing job demonstrating the comradery between each character and balancing the dark and heavy with some light comedy.

Of course we can’t forget the well executed stunts and action scenes which really demonstrated the level of commitment of all actors involved. The style of communicating and combat were also very close to actual military combat and recon, transporting viewers into the carefully crafted world of Triple Frontier.

It does however take a bit of time getting some of its major points across. In fact, some would say that the characters were a bit stereotypical but overall the cast did an amazing job at bringing to life these special operatives and their very real desire for something better.

Each character was fighting their own battle and their struggle re-adapting to everyday life was painfully evident. Even family members were depicted sharing in the struggle because they are the ones who painfully watch their loved ones battle everyday with changes and deep set battle wounds for which all of the men and women who serve are often poorly treated and compensated for.

As such, the film also tackles a very “hypothetical” question. What would happen if these men, who are going through that very struggle, were placed in a  position such as the one our characters were in, to go under the radar and take out a very bad man and take his money? In the film, their mission ends in disaster with the men finding that their morals and ideals were taken to the limit in every step of their journey not unlike a scenario for a living breathing person.

This film may have been slow in developing action and to some, Chandor didn’t delve deep enough into his narrative to make a point but the thing is, he did. It may have taken a while, but the signs and his narrative were present, and for an action film on Netflix, it did what it set out to do. It captured the minds of its audience and transported them into a secret heist planned by highly skilled veterans that only wanted a chance at what they were promised – a better life.

Triple Frontier is available now on Netflix.
Photo: Property of Netflix
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