May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. While there are so many great Asian artists out there, I decided to focus this playlists on the Asian artists on YouTube. These are artists I were listening to starting around 2007, when YouTubers were getting their start. Happy listening!

  1. “By My Side” – David Choi
  2. “Save Me” – Josh Verdes
  3. “By Chance (You & I)” – JR Aquino
  4. “Safe House” – P. Keys
  5. “All I Need” – David So
  6. “God Damn You’re Beautiful” – Chester See
  7. “Not Alone” – Darren Criss
  8. “In Your Arms” -Kina Grannis
  9. “Fallin’ For You (Cover)” – Victor Kim & Cathy Nguyen
  10. “Suit & Tie (Cover)” – Lydia Paek & Tablo
  11. “If You Stay” – Joseph Vincent
  12. “Never Gonna Leave You” – Us The Duo
  13. “That XX (English Remix)” – Paul Kim & David So
  14. “She Was Mine” – AJ Rafael
  15. “C.H.I.A” – Traphik
  16. “Crazy Rich Asians” – DANakaDAN feat. Bea Go

BONUS: My cousin Patch dropped his EP last month and it’s been on repeat for the times when I’m chilling (my personal favorite is Daydreams). If you’re in to lo-fi or looking for new music, check it out.

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