A Conversation with the Russo Brothers – SDCC 2019

Directly after the panel with Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely, the writers of Endgame, was a panel featuring its directors, Joe and Anthony Russo. The lights in Hall H dimmed and a montage began. The montage featured the Russos’ previous works, such as Community, Arrested Development, and of course, their Marvel movies concluding with Avengers: Endgame.

Of course, being at Comic Con, moderator Steven Weintraub had to ask what their future with Marvel would be; he was very hopeful that Joe and Anthony would return to adapt Secret Wars for the screen. Their focus then shifted to the movies that the Russos had already worked on. Steven asked them who messed up the most takes. The Russos’ answer? Anthony Mackie and Mark Ruffalo. The actor they said could nail a scene in one take? Scarlett Johannson.

The next question was which VFX scene was the hardest to film. For Infinity War, it was the dusting where we saw many of our heroes disappear. In Endgame, it was the moment in the final battle where all the portals opened to bring the heroes onto the battlefield; the Russos also said that creating Smart Hulk was a challenge.

Steven Weintraub then announced that there were some fan questions submitted online. The first one was from Mark Ruffalo. He asked if the combination of Bruce Banner and the Hulk make Professor Hulk the smartest and strongest Avenger? According to Joe, Professor Hulk could possibly be the strongest, but his daughter believes the smartest Avenger is Shuri. The audience agreed.

The next question came from Captain America himself, Chris Evans. He had two questions to ask the Russo Brothers. The first was, “What did Cap do after his dance with Peggy?”

Joe replied that Cap and Peggy may have tried to make a baby, or that Cap probably went to the bathroom. Anthony answered that Steve may have tried to find Bucky, find himself in the ice, prevent HYDRA from infiltrating SHIELD — or that maybe he made a rotating schedule with the other Caps for superhero duties.

Chris’s second question was which movie of theirs was the most stressful to make and which was the most relaxed. The brothers answered that Infinity War was the most stressful while Captain America: The Winter Soldier was the least stressful.

Another one of Marvel’s Chrises, Chris Hemsworth came on-screen to ask who would make a better leader of the Asgardians of the Galaxy — Thor or Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill? Hemsworth kind of answered the question for himself saying that of course it was Thor.

Next up was Paul Rudd, who asked who has the best “America’s Ass.” The Russos deferred the question to the audience who decided that, of course, it was Captain America.

Finally, Robert Downey Jr.’s question was what was the biggest difference between Tony saying his iconic line “I am Iron Man” in the first Iron Man film versus him saying it in Avengers: Endgame. The Russos answered that Tony’s journey was one that took the character from being egocentric at the start of his first film to truly putting others before himself. The addition of him becoming a father also changed him. They also mentioned that Robert filmed his final scene in Endgame was his journey at Marvel coming full circle since they filmed it in the sound stage next to the one he did his first screen test in.

After that, a video of Tom Holland came up where he announced that he would be working with Joe and Anthony once again in their upcoming film Cherry. The brothers also announced their new projects which included Magic: The Gathering, The Thomas Crown Affair, Electric State, Grim Jack, and Battle Planet, which as of the announcement had no screenwriter attached. The Russos also said they were open to directing the film and if that were the case, it would be live-action.

The Russos also brought with the to the panel a new trailer for the movie 21 Bridges, which stars Chadwick Boseman. The film, along with the others mentioned above, were produced by the brothers through their company AGBO Films.

Joe and Anthony started AGBO with the intention of it being an artists collective where they could finance and greenlight films and to help hold the door open for other film makers

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