Sitting here stressed over stupid things,

I’m stuck wondering

What my life could ever mean.

Been spending so much time

Trying to figure it out,

But the only thing I find

Is a long standing sense of doubt.

What can I do

When nothing’s ever good enough?

When I’m trying my hardest

And I still feel stuck?

It feels like there’s no one in the world that can understand

That I’m trying so hard

To keep up with the demands

Of a world so cruel,

Where you hear bad news almost every, single day;

Sometimes I sit up at night and wonder

What would happen if I just went away?

Would anybody care?

Would I even be missed?

Or am I just another statistic

That’ll be added to the list?

Someone, where after I’m gone

They’ll talk about what I could’ve been,

But they couldn’t see

Who I really was and how I really lived.

Yes, I’ve made mistakes

More than I’d care to admit.

Sometimes I’m amazed that I got through any of it.

But I remember times are tough and my hope is dwindling,

So I sit here crying and screaming

Wishing someone was listening.

I could pray to the gods,

Ask them to send me the strength or to help me out —

To change my life

And get me on a better route.

I’m just scared that my request will fall on deaf ears.

Or likely, that they’re not even there

And I remain here,

Still stuck in my mind, without a friend who would care

That I’m being suffocated, drowned to death by my own fears.

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