Tremble in the cold, in the dark, in the pain.
Not badass,
Or of any strength at all.
But weak, and stupid, and powerless, and small.
Backed against the wall.

Beaten back, back, back,
Till flesh meets shivering stone.
Lungs frozen, feet still, eyes unable to blink

An animal cornered but unwilling to die.
Heart beating. Barely breathing, but still alive.
Fire flows down cheeks of pink.
Tears of fury gaining strength.

Think, just think!
Of all the people you could have been.
Think, it shouts,
Of all the versions of yourself that have been killed.

But rage, but grow, but gather your gall.
Scream out into the night.
One survived.
The most important one of all.

That animal unwilling to die
Stands here still.
Strong, and smart, and powerful, and big.
With tears of fury in her eyes.

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