There’s Love, And Then There’s No Love At All

There’s love, then there’s no love in at all. 

Love, a warm sensation in the heart, affected by the tender kindness from the ones you hold an open heart of affection for. 

Admiration, towards family and friends. Even to those that have little, or none at all.

Can love be the same as sea?  Shallow yet expansive, love can be vast, as it can cover our world. 

Love can come in a form of attraction, a desire to yearn for that can also be broken in any moment. 

Why is it too hard to love? Is it fear that holds us back from giving love into the things we enjoy and for others, or a fear of not wanting to hurt anyone?

Is it a shallow pit inside you? Shallowness so deep, that your mind perceives only values, love from the inside out. 

Has your love ever been tampered with? Scars, that were once wounds from loving so much that it hurt. Scars that would still be there, and will take a long time to heal.

It can be hard to love, an unclear thought in some subconscious.

 But with that, Love is an universal energy that bounces off from person to person. 

A feeling in ourselves that makes us happy about the things we love and the people we love.

Love is a song, rhythm that travels through our hearts and soul, that pours into the world. 

There’s no love, But there will always be love to fill it in, from my heart, to yours, to the world. 

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