I used to hear the rain most days. Days as dullness stills my mind. 

An emotion, or a feeling that has its occasions of forecasts throughout my days. 

Days that my mind wanders off into fogged places, filled with strange clouds that surround me, covering me in rain, as it shows no signs of delay.

“I’m tired”, “I’m moody”, “I’m sad”, I…

“I am no one”  is what the grayness in my subconscious tells me every time I feel right from wrong. My inner voice in my head telling me that I’m defeated. 

I just want to sleep this rain away.

But something happens. As I close my eyes, taking in the sounds of the rain, as they fall and become puddles, having a ripple effect on me.

“I’m awake”, “I’m in a good mood”, “I’m Happy”, I…

I look at how far I’ve come, how much I’ve lost, all the people that I’ve met, and how I’m here. A smile shows, as bright as the sun peeking through the clouds. Rain starts to fade away as the light shines through the day. 

Sometimes now I can still hear the rain most days, but the clouds have started to clear. Because I have a better meaning for myself.

Knowing that I am Me, And I am here. 

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