About five years ago, before Crazy10,  Mortuus Est was an idea. An idea  became real and I wanted to be a part of it. As I saw it develop through those long five years for us at Crazy10. Throughout those five years, I’ve immersed myself in this idea and helped build a world where happiness and tragedy truly affect these characters. For it to finally be real now blows my mind. I remember days when we were in early development: we planned on making Mortuus Est into a web-series, and we would have meetings writing and going through the script, rehearsing dialogue, and having small fighting choreography sessions at the park. Seeing it go from ideas to a short film, web-series, and comic. Midway through the five years, we decided it’d be great as an audio drama podcast. And after discussing more on Mortuus Est, Crazy10 was born.

 What still surprises me today, is that I came on to be a writer in the series. At the time I didn’t think I could create a character or write ideas for the story. But knowing my own friends, on the team and off, and my family believed in me, gave me that push. And for me, it came out pretty well. I’m glad I was able to alter Barry’s story within this universe. I believe Barry, along with every character in this story, plays a very big role in the Mortuus Est universe. Barry is a skilled agent who will get the job done at all costs, but deep down he’s a kind hearted human being who cares  for his loved ones. I can relate to Barry and I love that we do that with this series. We made a world where bizarre situations happen to the characters, but still somewhat real so that someone may understand the same feeling.

  I am thankful for the last five years, for meeting so many talented and incredible people that helped this idea become what it is now. My biggest inspiration going into this was my brother. He wanted to do so many things in his life and he never gave up on anyone, especially himself. Every night, sometimes I stop to think of him and it gives me this boost to move on and create and do what I love. And so, here I am. I’m looking forward to the future of Mortuus Est. 

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