Behind the Mic is a series of short interviews to celebrate the work of the actors who provided the voices for Mortuus Est: Legacy.

Today we have Elise Forier Edie. She plays Vivian Eismann, Sharon & Elaina’s mom.

What made you want to pursue acting?

My mom put me in an acting class when I was six years old. I had fun and that was it for me. I kept looking for ways to do theater after that, throughout my childhood and on into adulthood.

Why did you branch out into voice acting? Was this always your preference, or is it an extra skill in your wheelhouse?

Voice acting is part of “being an actor,” no different than being on stage or in front of a camera. But that said, I like it a lot because I don’t have to wear a costume or even get dressed.

What was it about the Mortuus Est story that drew you to audition?

I thought the script was fabulous and I knew the writers and producers and wanted to work with them again.

How do you relate to your character when getting into their headspace?

I’m a mom, so I know what it’s like to be involved in your kids’ lives and care about what they do. I didn’t have to reach very far to understand my character and what she wanted and needed.

What was your favorite scene or moment from season one?

I can’t pick one! I’m proud of the work everyone has done.

Check out this clip of Elise as Vivian in Episode 6 of Mortuus Est: Legacy, “Under the Hood”.

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