Behind the Mic is a series of short interviews to celebrate the work of the actors who provided the voices for Mortuus Est: Legacy.

Chris is another the cast members pulling double duty on the show as an actor and a producer. Check out what he said about his role below, and if you haven’t already check out his other behind the scenes post here!

What made you want to pursue acting?

I always pictured myself becoming a voice actor. I grew up watching lots of anime and
cartoon shows, and even playing video games where I would start to remember certain
voices from each game or series, like my favorites Steve Blum, Laura Bailey, Keith
David, and so many others. While building my interests in voice acting, I took a bit of an
interest in acting at the end of my senior year from high school, and all the way to when I
was performing on an actual stage in college.

Why did you branch out into voice acting? Was this always your preference, or is it an extra skill in your wheelhouse?

I’ve always dabbled in and out of different hobbies that I do after for quite some time,
finding myself revisiting them for fun. But voice acting has always been the plan for me.
I’ll admit though I learned lots during my time in school. I learned a lot about method
acting and techniques that I still learn today whenever I’m reading a script, Inside the
booth, or just at a table in a restaurant with my friends.

What was it that drew you to the Mortuus Est story?

My favorite thing about the Mortuus Est story is the universe and the characters within it.
To Me, every character in this story feels real and I like how everyone’s life is
intertwined in the world through their connections from each other.

How do you relate to your character when getting into their headspace?

Barry to me is a very isolated person, someone that can be very serious and very
passionate about the things and people he loves the most. That definitely touches home
with me and I can relate that with Barry. We both deeply care for our family and friends
and we’re both passionate about the things we have fun doing.

What was your favorite scene or moment from season one?

My favorite scene is in episode 7 when Barry confronts Morena about his father. But my favorite episode is episode 5, My Life As A Weapon. 

Listen to the clip from Episode 7 “Love and Death” here!

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