Mortuus Est

Mortuus Est is an original series from Crazy10 Entertainment.

Mortuus Est: Legacy

Audio Drama

Mortuus Est: Legacy is a series that proves that there are two sides to every story. On the surface, it seems that Rafael Guerrero died in a car accident and his fiancée Elaina is left looking for answers. Unbeknownst to her, Rafael was raised as part of an underground intelligence organization, whose agents must deal with the aftermath of his death.

All episodes of Part One are available now!

Mortuus Est: Origins

Audio Drama

Special agents Hera Marroquin Silva, Nicolas Escobar, and Lawrence Spencer are part of Operation: Zeus. The three find themselves in danger when an assignment goes wrong. With lives at stake, these highly skilled agents must figure out a way to outsmart the government or suffer the consequences of their mistakes.

Mortuus Est original cover design by Jillian Mara.

To get the latest news on the series, follow Mortuus Est on twitter and instagram.

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