Mortuus Est: Origins Casting

Mortuus Est is a series that follows the rise and fall of an underground intelligence organization.


Nico, Hera, and Lawrence are working as part of Operation: Zeus, a covert paramilitary unit led by the Tactical Defense Department (TDD). A mission goes awry and the government becomes suspicious of the three, resulting in their suspension.

When the trio are offered a second chance, they are caught in a trap and forced to leave everything behind and flee. The game has changed and it’s no longer a seek and destroy mission. It’s about surviving while being hunted. 


The roles of Nico Escobar, Lawrence Spencer, and Jonah Brahms have been cast.

Nico Escobar – NICO LIMA

Lawrence Spencer – MARCEL BRITT

Jonah Brahms – AARON STEWARD

Hera Marroquin Silva (Lead): [Female | Latina | 25-40] – Hera’s skills lie in her ability to extract information. She starts in the TDD as an analyst but her tactical skills land her a spot in Operation: Zeus. Unbeknownst to her teammates, she joined the TDD in exchange for protection. She was formerly a police officer from Arizona who uncovered information on a local crime family. A determined agent, somewhat reserved and enigmatic.

Michael Zidero (Lead): [Male | All ethnicities | 25-35] – Michael Zidero (also known as Piotr Kazkoff, Daniel Beck, or Alejandro Perez Dunne) is the crime prince of Kessinia. To the outside world he is a villain, wreaking havoc on what they consider the “natural world order”. To the independent nation of Kessinia, he is the only barrier between their nation and the outside world, even if he has extreme ways of doing so.

Rosaline Carroll (Supporting): [Female | Black | 30s-40s] – A senator. She does what she needs to to take care of business and to get what she wants.

Aldrich Shaw (Supporting): [Male | White | 30-40] – An arrogant man. He is a ballistic specialist for the TDD.

Arthur Moran (Supporting): [Male | All ethnicities | 30s-50s] – Meek and somewhat awkward. A scientist working on a system to tap into a person’s neural-network.

Robert Smith (Supporting): [Male | White | 35-55] – Cold, callous, and analytical. The head of the TDD.

PRESIDENT(Featured): [Male | All ethnicities | 40-60] – The president of the United States.


Nik Jermaine (she/they) is a writer, director, and model/actor based in Los Angeles. She, along with Chris Nelson, created the story of Mortuus Est in 2017 and eventually created the production group, Crazy10 Entertainment. She is the writer, producer, and director of Mortuus Est: Legacy. She has also spoken at panels on comic cons, as well as modeled for brands that are well known amongst con-goers.

Chris Nelson (he/they) is a producer for Crazy10 Entertainment. He has produced and directed videos, and done photography for events and interviews. Chris studied theatre at West Los Angeles College. Chris is also a streamer on Twitch, streaming under the name Crotaku.

We created this series out of our love of film and comics, and wanted to create original characters that looked like us and those around us. 


Submission deadline is January 16, 2023.

Produced by Crazy10 Entertainment
Director: Nik Jermaine
Records in Early 2023
Compensation: Stipend, mileage reimbursement, IMDb Credit
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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