Mortuus Est: Legacy

An original audio drama podcast

Breaking free, falling in love, and secrets and lies. Mortuus Est: Legacy follows the aftermath of the death of Rafael Guerrero. His fiancée, Elaina, is left behind to pick up the pieces as her future becomes intertwined with his shadowed past. 

10: Name of the Game Mortuus Est: Legacy

  1. 10: Name of the Game
  2. 09: Blackest Night
  3. 08: Alias
  4. 06: Under the Hood
  5. 07: Love and Death



Production Team

Directed by

Nik Jermaine

Assistant Director + Production Coordinator

Amairany Solano

Executive Producers

Nik Jermaine

Chris Nelson



Shaina Jean

Amairany Solano

Delu Sorakoro

Audio Engineering by


Post-Production Assistant

Delu Sorakoro

Principal Recording Location

Goodpeeples LA

Shout out to all of our backers on Kickstarter!

Thank you for helping make this production possible!

The Creative Fund by Backer Kit | Irma Bermudez | Virginia Valdez | Henry | Monch | JAM | Anette DuRand | Maria Santos | Andy | Logan Porter | Penny Kiat | Annie A Banaag | Jennifer Tansek | Baboosh | Ileene Besselievre | Harold Diep | Jade Alburo | Anthony & Abigail | Sergey Kochergan | Sasha & Roya Gorodetskyy

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