Episode 01: Death In The Family

Rafael Guerrero’s secret life has finally caught up to him and has led to his sudden death. While his fiancée, Elaina learns of his death, Mortuus Est loses a top agent.


Joshua Alvarado – Rafael Guerrero

Nicole Dunseith – Elaina Simms

Shaina Jean – Alonit Speyer

Malaiye – Sharon Eismann

Elise Forier Edie – Vivian Eismann

Amy Solano – “Officer De La Cruz”

Brittney De Leon -“Detective Reindhart”/Morena Escobar

Nico Lima – Nico Escobar

Marcel Britt – Lawrence Spencer

Chris Nelson – Barry Spencer


Featured Tracks by FREEQUINCY

“beverly hills”

“vhs chords”

“bitter november”

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