Episode 06: Under the Hood

As Elaina continues her investigation on Jonah Brahms, Sharon begins to question her involvement with ISC.


Nicole Dunseith – Elaina Simms

Malaiye – Sharon Eismann

Amanda Marks – Audrey Shaw

Aaron Steward – Jonah Brahms

Elise Forier Edie – Vivian Eismann

Shaina Jean – Alonit Speyer

Matthew Ip Shaw – Marcus Desmond

Allegra Rodriguez Shivers – Remy

Aro Caitlin – Bar Patron

Beka Maynes – Bar Patron

Delu Sorakoro – Bar Patron

Chris Nelson – Bar Patron/Chris Henderson

Malaiye – Bar Patron


“bitter november” – FREEQUINCY

Tracks provided by Epidemic Sound:

“Disarray” -Autohacker

“Human Revolution” -Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen

“Azoic” – Max Anson

“Forever Moving” – Wai

“Night Thoughts” – Max Anson

“Loss and Love” – Amaranth Cove

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