Really Good

A Crazy10 Entertainment original series, “Really Good” is a sitcom created by Shaina Jean.

The series follows the ragtag crew of Really Good, a failing fast-food restaurant that just isn’t that good as they navigate the difficulties of working in customer service and, worse, working with each other.

Piper is a hardworking goofball, working every day at her dream job as the cashier at Really Good. She’s the glue that holds the group together with quirky anecdotes and an unending source of positivity. Her best friend (at least according to her) is Willie, the local grump who at any given moment would rather be anywhere else. He’s lazy and refuses to lift a finger on the job and Piper may very well be the bane of his existence. Their hardass manager Tessa, runs a tight ship and is constantly running around trying to prevent it from sinking. Working by their side is Dolores, a sensitive soul who took this job because she couldn’t emotionally handle working anywhere else, and Obi, a sweet teenager who just isn’t all there.

Watch as our heroes deal with crazy exes, overcome their fear of spiders, and that one time Obi ran Piper over with her car. They don’t belong together and they certainly don’t get along but they somehow manage to become friends along the way.

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