Upcoming Projects



What do you get when you put together an over-caffeinated girl, a grumpy guy, an anxious mess, and a strict manager?

This original sitcom follows the adventures of the best fast food crew in the Valley.

Original concept by Shaina Jean.

Currently in development. Virtual table read coming soon.



A man tries to reconnect with his estranged brother on the weekend of his wedding. A short film written by Nik Jermaine.

Dying For a Good Time

A horror-comedy film written by Shaina Jean & Nik Jermaine.


Mortuus Est: Origins

In the 1980s, special agents Hera Marroquin Silva, Nicolas Escobar, and Lawrence Spencer are part of Operation: Zeus. The three find themselves in danger when an assignment goes wrong. With lives at stake, these highly skilled agents must figure out a way to outsmart the government or suffer the consequences of their mistakes.

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